Our mission is to make our authoritative dictionary and language content available to the widest possible audience on all platforms. Our technology partners are constantly innovating, and Oxford University Press is committed to supporting that innovation.

The Oxford Dictionaries API

Through the Oxford Dictionaries API we provide access to high quality dictionary data for the development of systems and applications. Our API offers:

  • Fast, simple, and reliable live access to Oxford Dictionaries data
  • Seamless integration for developers
  • Faster development start-up times and reduced complexity
  • A smaller application footprint
  • Robust, scalable hosting, ensuring the platform is always responsive
  • Data expertly pre-processed by our in-house engineers to ensure accuracy and consistency of format

With the Oxford Dictionaries API there is no need to factor in dictionary data updates: applications have immediate access to the latest words and linguistic resources, drawn from our world-renowned language research.

The Oxford Dictionaries API is currently in closed beta. If you are a customer who would like commercial access to our dictionaries, please contact us using the form on the right.


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