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Why should you choose the Oxford Dictionaries API?

The Oxford Dictionaries API offers easy and intuitive access to Oxford's dictionary content, trusted around the world.

World-renowned dictionary content

If you need dictionary content in your app, don't compromise on quality. We have teams of experienced lexicographers monitoring the evolution of language to ensure our lexical content is accurate and up to date.

Semantically linked data

We want to see you using our extensive dictionary data in innovative ways. That's why we've semantically linked our data, giving you the flexiblity you need to unleash the full potential of our lexical content.

Quick and easy access

Register for just one API to access reliable and consistent dictionary content in multiple languages from around the world. Visit our live documentation to test the API and view sample code.

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What's possible with our dictionary data?


Oxford provided data customizations to embed four of its best-selling bilingual dictionaries on Amazon’s Kindle. Users can now access French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations and definitions anywhere they read Kindle e-books.


Oxford customized and extracted large wordlists, from trusted sources, to create extensive, clean, and accurate wordlists in six of the world’s most popular languages.


Oxford utilized its global network of lexical experts and publishing partnerships, to provide customized foreign language data that would meet the needs of Google’s global user-base.

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Full access to Oxford Dictionaries data

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