Supported languages

Different language datasets have different features, therefore some languages don't currently work well with particular endpoints. The table belows shows which work with which, and you can use the live Documentation to explore the data more closely. The Utility endpoints are also designed to provide more granular information about what is in each dataset, should you need it.

Compatible languages and endpoints

IANA Code Dictionary Entry Lemmatron Translation Wordlists Thesaurus Search Search translations
English EN Y Y ES, NSO, RO, MS, ZU, ID, TN, DE, PT Y Y Y ES, NSO, RO, MS, ZU, ID, TN, DE, PT
Spanish ES Y Y EN Y N Y EN
Malay MS N N EN N N N EN
Swahili SW Y N - Y N Y -
Setswana TN N N EN N N N EN
Northern Sotho NSO N N EN N N N EN
Latvian LV Y N - Y N Y -
Indonesian ID N N EN N N N EN
isiZulu ZU N N EN N N N EN
Romanian RO N N - N N N -
Hindi HI Y Y - Y N Y -
German DE N Y EN N N N EN
Portuguese PT N Y EN N N N EN
Tamil TA Y N - Y N Y -
Gujarati GU Y N - Y N Y -

Licensing options

We have more languages available for licensing than are currently in the API, but we're working on closing this gap as much as possible as we develop our data. For a full list of available languages, please visit our dedicated Licensing site, and if you have a particular language requirement, feel free to Contact us to find out more.