Getting your App Key and ID

Getting your App Key and ID

How to Get Started

Introductory Plan

Introductory accounts give you free access to the Oxford Dictionaries API datasets. It provides limited access, giving you up to 1,000 calls at no cost. You will have access to all languages and all endpoints to test and develop applications as desired. Should you require more data, we recommend upgrading to an Unlimited or Enterprise account as your needs change.

Your App ID and App Key, which you will need to pass as authentication headers for each API request, will be displayed as part of your application credentials after you sign in to the developer portal.

  1. import requests
  2. import json
  3. app_id = "<your_app_id>"
  4. app_key = "<your_app_key>"
  5. language = "en-gb"
  6. word_id = "example"
  7. url = "" + language + "/" + word_id.lower()
  8. r = requests.get(url, headers={"app_id": <your_app_id>, "app_key": <your_app_key>})
Sample Entries request in Python, using your App ID and App Key

Unlimited Plan

Create an Unlimited account to access all endpoints and over 30 languages supported by Oxford Dictionaries API and start enhancing your application with the most renowned, trusted language content available. You can see our Pricing model here and our Terms and Conditions here.


If your requirements include using data offline or caching within your application, or you are interested in hearing about other data we have to license that is not available via the Introductory or Unlimited plans, one of our team would be happy to speak to you and discuss your requirements. Fill in a contact form HERE, and you will hear from us shortly.


If you are registered in an Introductory plan, you have free access to our API.

The Unlimited plan is intended for commercial use and has a tiered pricing model starting from 1 GBP per month, with 250 calls. Any additional calls will be charged per call, and the more you use, the greater the discount on the cost of each request.

  • 0-250 calls @ £1
  • Then, 251-10,000 calls @ £0.0022
  • Then, 10,001-100,000 calls @ £0.0011
  • Then, 100,001+ calls @ £0.0006

Please, see the FAQ page for more detailed information about Unlimited plan billing.

Charges are calculated at the beginning of each calendar month for the month previous and charged to your payment card in Great British Pounds (GBP). If you change your Application Plan during the month, you are still liable for any charges accrued in that month up to that date.

The Enterprise account offers bespoke plans and pricing, and it is based on a one–time annual fee If you would like to investigate this option, please fill in our Enterprise account contact form HERE, and you will hear from us shortly.

Manage your account

You can manage many aspects of your account quickly and efficiently by signing in to the developer portal.

  • Track your usage Statistics.
  • Change your Application Plan.
  • View your Invoices and update your payment details.
Update your plan at any time