Getting your App Key and ID

Getting your App Key and ID

How to Get Started

Your App ID and App Key, which you will need to pass as authentication headers for each API request, will be displayed as part of your application credentials after you sign in to the developer portal.

  1. import requests
  2. import json
  3. app_id = "<your_app_id>"
  4. app_key = "<your_app_key>"
  5. language = "en-gb"
  6. word_id = "example"
  7. url = "" + language + "/" + word_id.lower()
  8. r = requests.get(url, headers={"app_id": <your_app_id>, "app_key": <your_app_key>})
Sample Entries request in Python, using your App ID and App Key


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Manage your account

You can manage many aspects of your account quickly and efficiently such as tracking your usage statistics by signing in to the developer portal.